In light of the current state of things regarding the Corona Virus, and the precautions being recommended (See below), we want to proceed, not in fear, but in both faith and wisdom. 

Practical Considerations:

– Please be praying for our body, for your family, friends and neighbors, etc. 

– We’d encourage everyone to check in with others from time to time. Reaching out with a phone call, email or text can be a great encouragement to others, especially the home-bound! 

Please don’t hoard! While most of us have a reasonably good supply of food, cleaning supplies etc, there are others who genuinely need to pick up such necessities! Consider grabbing an extra thing or two for an elderly neighbor? **If you are in need and don’t have the resources, please let us know ( / 513.781.9746). We will try to help where we can.

From a church giving standpoint, please consider using the Paypal link on our website. This will obviously help with normal expenses, but will also help with providing for those who might have financial needs during this stretch.

The Body and Pandemic

That which has caused paralyzing fear in so many ought also to be recognized by the Body of Christ as yet another great opportunity for the Gospel – and for the church to be a voice of Truth and hope to those who are fearful, to point them to the Prince of Peace.

It’s also an opportunity to show generosity with our time and resources, and faith to be His hands and feet as the Holy Spirit leads. While we should always walk in wisdom, we also ought not be afraid to walk through a door of ministry that the Lord Himself might open.

Scripture demonstrates that there are times when God will protect a believer from harm (Acts 28:1-6), however, contrary to the wild misinterpretations of “faith” teachers, there is no universal promise of protection for all believers at all times from suffering, hardship…or disease. The same Paul whom God protected in Malta also allowed him to endure tremendous suffering, including buffetings from a messenger of Satan (2 Cor. 12:1-10). We, like Paul would be wise to recognize that even these things can be tools in the hand of the Master for our growth, and most importantly, for His glory.

Our faith is not based on whether or not God protects us from disease or difficulty, but rather it’s rooted in trusting the One Whom we know personally, and in Whom we have believed – even when we don’t understand His ways.

So, as we continue to wash our hands, let’s be mindful of the opportunities that arise to wash one another’s feet. Let’s stay connected, and in prayer for each other and those around us, and watch what the Lord might do during this time.

The Lord is always working, and He has us here for such a time as this!

God bless you,

Pastor Brian

Recommended precautions

COVID-19 commonly produces flu like symptoms, but has a significantly higher rate of complications and death than the flu.  People at highest risk are over 60 years old or those with significant health problems like heart disease, lung disease and diabetes, for example.

In consideration of members of our congregation that are in these high risk groups, we are asking all of our members to monitor their own health and not  come to church (but rather join us via our weekly livestream) if they have any of the following symptoms: cough, even if it’s mild cough,  fever, a temperature of 100.4 or higher, chills, chest pain, or shortness of breath.

Exactly how contagious this disease is, how it is spread, how persistent it is in the environment is still under investigation with new information being frequently published by the CDC.  That said, it is prudent to take precautions to slow the spread of this disease.     Current guidelines are to avoid close contact with others, especially those who are visibly ill.  Try to stay at least 6 feet away from others if possible.  Wash or sanitize your hands frequently.  Do not touch your face or eat without washing your hands first.   Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, light switches, and faucets daily (**as an FYI, the folks at Expression City currently do this regularly).  More specific and up to date information can be found at